Network Design & Planning

Duct and Pole Access (DPA) & Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) Surveys
We can undertake the physical verification of duct and pole infrastructure to check the integrity, capacity and feasibility of your proposed network build within the scope of Physical Infrastructure Access.

Network Capacity Surveying
Our expertise extends to surveying and verifying existing underground and overhead telecommunications infrastructure to check for existing capacity, including physical bore space, pole bearing and cable utilisation. This extends across both copper and fibre networks and can include record and routing verification.

Resilience Planning
Our teams test, check and validate the circuit and network resilience to specific sites which require a diverse and resilient connection. We can also design and implement solutions to ensure resilience and diversity to your sites.

Network Auditing / Verification
We provide network auditing and verification services to physically check and verify network records from records and routing to the physical location and integrity of network assets.

FTTP / FTTH Planning
Whether designing a new networks or expanding an existing network, our teams start by understanding the requirement and produce detailed designs for routing and network construction.