Network Build & Installation

Air Blown Fibre Cabling
Utilising the speed and efficiencies of air blown fibre installations, our teams are able to rapidly install multiple fibres through multiple micro ducts or blow a single large cable up to 288 fibre through a single sub duct.

Overhead Fibre Cabling
Our IPAF trained and accredited engineering teams are able to install overhead fibre spans, fit overhead manifolds and connectorized block terminals from the safety of our Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP).

Fibre Cabling
Our cable installation teams are skilled and experienced in all elements of fibre cable installation including duct testing & proving, rodding and roping, installing sub-duct and direct fibre and copper cables.

Network Rearrangement
We are able to provide solutions to remove or relocate existing internal or external network infrastructure. Our teams can design and implement solutions to remove or relocate cables, jointing chambers, telegraph poles or internal distribution points, whether its for the widening of roads, moving overhead network to underground infrastructure or redevelopment work.

Fibre Splicing Testing & Commissioning
We can provide a full range of fibre splicing for single or multi mode fibre, complemented by both OTDR or ILM testing and network commissioning.

Overblowing & Civils Avoidance
To reduce the time and cost to our clients in building new network, we are able to undertake ‘Overblow’ activities to install additional fibre cables through existing sub-duct.

Cabinet Installation & Upgrades
Our teams of engineers and technicians install and upgrade telecommunications cabinets for copper, fibre, power and active equipment and hardware.