NHS Ethernet Circuits


Project Overview

Opals Group completed the end-to-end delivery of high priority Ethernet Circuits to support the end user, NHS Chatteris Hospital.

Opals Group provided rapid installation of Sub Duct and Air-Blown Optical Fibre Cable to allow the strapping of two existing Fibre Distribution Nodes – which avoided a much larger and costly solution of installing a new fibre spine cable to provide the circuit – bringing cost and time savings to the end user and our client.

Key Facts
Our teams of skilled engineers and project managers work with you and your clients to solve complex problems including:

  • Same Day Response
  • Completed within 2 Weekends
  • 10 Operatives working simultaneously through multiple sections
  • SafeDig prints raised within 24 hours

Services Provided

  • Traffic Management Services
  • Route Prove & Sub Duct Installation
  • Excavation & Duct Repair
  • Air-Blown Cable Installation
  • Desilting & Gully Emptying
  • Reactive Emergency Repair
  • Streetworks Permitting & Early Start Agreements


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circuits across the UK