BT Media & Broadcast – UKTV Resilience Project

Client Network

Contract Overview
Opals Group carried out extensive surveying and record reviews to produce detailed reports identifying cable commonality within the external fibre circuits feeding UK Television Transmission Masts at 48 sites across the UK.

Once cable commonality issues had been identified we worked with our partners to design and plan a resilient external and internal access fibre network to each of the UKTV Sites.

This project supported a safer, secure and more resilient back haul network for the access fibre circuits providing regional terrestrial digital television transmission across the UK.

Project Services
Our teams of skilled engineers and project managers worked with our clients to provide:

  • Extensive network surveys
  • Routing and record verification
  • Cable commonality surveys
  • Resilient network design
  • Planned engineering work

We design resilient

access fibre networks

throughout the UK


Network Records Analysed


Sites Completed